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This document covers nearly everything you need to know about living in Crum.

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A Crumbum or Crum Fellow are words we use to identify any student residing in or affiliating with Crum Commons. A Crumbum is accountable to their commons and their neighbors. Fellows will be expected to participate in Crum and Commons traditions. In addition, Crumbums will have the opportunity to create their own traditions, secrets, and identity that positively contribute to the culture of Crum. We are a fellowship of students, faculty and staff who aim to create meaningful relationships in an environment where its fellows "know and are known" in order to promote rich intellectual, cultural, and social growth.

Welcome Crumbum.



Move in Day is exhausting... long drives or flights, unpacking and setting up your room, trying to find a place to eat... we get it and are here to help!  We have HUGE carts to help move all of your things as well as real humans to push them and escort you to your room from the parking garage.  Don't sweat move in day, let us do that for you!  Be sure to meet Dean Camp and stop by his apartment to cool off in the AC, connect to some wi-fi, "sit a spell" as Dean Camp says and enjoy a glass of lemonade.  We are glad you are here!

Check out the 2019 Move-In Maps here!

2019 Itinerary Coming Soon!

2019 Itinerary Coming Soon!

Orientation is the cornerstone of your SMU and Crum experience.  Orientation is essentially your first semester: Stampede, Home Sweet SMU, Convocation, Family Pic, Dean Camp's Welcrum, Crum Pinning Ceremony, Homecruming, and of course...the Great Crumpkin.  Life long friendships will be made, tradition will hold true, and the spirit of Crum will live on through y'all.