Sam Gavic

Sam Gavic is the Residential Community Director (RCD) for Crum Commons. Sam hails from North of the wall in Green Bay, WI. (Huge Packer fan, obviously) He completed his undergraduate degree in Communication and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and his Masters in Higher Education from Virginia Tech. In addition to working at SMU, Sam is also a fitness and weight training instructor at Crossfit KT in Dallas.  This will be Sam’s fourth year with Crum Commons. Medieval history, painting, the blues, scary movies, Settlers of Crum, coffee, Gjovie, and dragons are a few of his favorite things. 


Sam is also Gjovie's human.  She is a goldendoodle and just over 2 years old.  You will see her outside doing her business or running the halls of Crum greeting you with a wagging tail.  She loves to cuddle, tear paper products into small pieces, and burp after drinking water too fast.

Be sure to follow Gjovie on instagram @gjoviegavic