2016 Winner of the Great Crumpkin Film Competition at Southern Methodist University.

Rules for the 2016 Great Crumpkin Film Competition.

Gary Crum, benefactor of Crum Residential Commons, personally welcomes new residents to campus each year.

A quick review of the 2015 Great Crumpkin. Music in video is Blue Apollo recorded live at the Great Crumpkin.

Teaser video from the 2014 RC Olympics (Clash of the Commons), a fall tradition.

At SMU, traditions are being made every day. The rivalry between the Crum and Armstrong Commons officially commenced in 2014 with its epic water balloon battle the eve of Mustang Corral.

Each year at Halloween, SMU's Crum Residential Commons hosts The Great Crumpkin, a campus wide celebration filled with pumpkins, food, music, fellowship, fright and fun.

2016 Great Crumpkin Promo

The latest news leading up to the Crum Presidential Townhall of 2016.

What you need to know about making your short horror film for The Great Crumpkin! (2015)

A CNN GOP debate parody for the Crum Commons Presidential Townhall of 2016.

Life at Crum Commons.